Pakistan Shall Be Saved

We are still celebrating the power and presence of God at work in the lives of the people of Pakistan. At first, we canceled our original plan of Pastor Sean physically going to Pakistan to preach in person. But after the people expressed extreme hunger, we found a solution to continue the crusades. The pastor we worked with, Evangelist Adnan Maqsood, and his team in Pakistan, secured the crusade fields, set up chairs, a stage, and a massive screen. Evangelist Adnan coordinated the meetings on the crusade grounds, and I preached on the massive screen through Zoom to the thousands who gathered in person.
Between the two crusades in Kasur, Pakistan and Shahdara, Pakistan, over 130,000 people attended to hear the Gospel! I could feel the people’s faith through the cameras. The atmosphere was electric. They hung on to every word preached.
A total of 25,395 accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Praise God! If Heaven rejoices over one sinner that repents, how much more are the angels celebrating at the multitude of people that joined the kingdom of God during those meetings?
Many amazing miracles took place as well. During the meeting in Kasur, a young man who was unable to walk because of a severe back pain came up to testify. He can now bend and jump without any pain. The smile on his face as he jumped up was contagious. The crowd clapped and gave praise to God. A woman who had indescribable pain in her stomach for fifteen years also came up to testify. The medicine she was taking was not helping her, but Jesus completely healed her, and now, she has no pain. Another man on a walker came up for prayer. He was unable to walk without his walker, but now he can walk. You can watch the highlights from the crusade in Kasur by clicking the button below:
In Shahdara, a woman who was unable to raise her arm because of pain, started lifting her hand up and down without any pain. Another woman with pain in her legs began marching up and down and walking across the stage without any pain. I can never forget the young lady with the bright blue sweater who came to the meeting with a very bad pain in her leg. But after we prayed for her, she was completely healed, and she ran across the stage pain-free. Click the button below to watch the highlights from the crusade in Shahdara:
Pakistan is in revival. The pastor we worked with to conduct these meetings, Evangelist Adnan Maqsood, founder of Vision TV, informed us that if we visit Pakistan in March, we should have an audience of no less than 300,000 people the first night!
Words cannot describe how excited we are. Pakistan shall be saved in Jesus’ name! And we cannot thank you enough for helping make these meetings possible. Because of your support, we were able to rent chairs, lighting, sound equipment, a generator and bus thousands of people to the crusade. Your prayers and generosity are impacting the nations, so continue to support us as we continue to fulfill the Great Commission and win the world for the kingdom of God.
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God Bless,
Pastors Sean & Aimee Pinder

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Eva Shoaib - May 27th, 2024 at 3:35pm

I Greet you dear Pastor in precious and Lovely name of Lord King Jesus Christ.

nI believe you and your ministry and your work and your family all is well. I want to tell you God Loves You 💞, I pray for you always Stay Blessed ☺️




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