What We Do

Sunday Morning Service

Join us at Miracle Healing Center, on Sundays at 10 AM at the Cockrill Middle School in McKinney, Texas with Pastors Sean and Aimee Pinder. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to come and experience God’s love and power as well as join us as we fulfill the great Commission, preaching the Gospel to the lost and demonstrating God’s power. 

Online Thursday Service

Having been led by the Holy Spirit to fast forty days in 1999, Pastor Sean received the miracle-working power of God. He and Pastor Aimee fulfill their call to walk in the healing ministry by holding healing services twice a week (Sunday at 10 AM CST and Thursday 7 PM CST) where many Biblical miracles take place. 


After Pastor Sean began to invest more time into social media outreach, the Lord spoke to him about feeding his people daily with the Word of God. As a result, Pastor Sean began to release a daily morning devotion, which soon gained popular recognition, resulting in over 387,000 YouTube subscribers and 110,000 Facebook followers.


Each event is three to five consecutive meetings in your community or city.  The morning session is a Pastors’ Conference where leaders will gain an understanding of how to demonstrate God’s power with signs following their ministry.  During each crusade, the Gospel of Jesus is preached, and  God’s powerful presence and love become tangible as souls surrender their lives to Christ. Then, prayer is made for the sick, and blind eyes are opened, deaf ears are unstopped, cripples walk, and diseases disappear  as the people are touched by God.

3 Nights of Miracles

After a time of seeking God in 2009, the Lord spoke to Pastor Sean to take God’s saving and healing power to those who are in desperate need of a miracle.  As a result, 3 Nights of Miracle was birthed.  These are three consecutive nights of services that focuses primarily on praying for those who are sick.  In every service, a strong presence of God sets the atmosphere where miracles happen and people’s faith is strengthened to believe God.


During the end of 2013, Pastor Sean was in a time of an intense visitation from the Lord.  During this time, as he meditated in God’s presence, God spoke to him and said, “Conduct a special service called, A NIGHT OF HEALING AND MIRACLES.”  This is a night service where we have intense worship, teaching from the Word of God, and prayer for the sick under the healing anointing of the Holy Spirit.

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