Money Itself Is Not Evil

Aug 27, 2023    Pastor Sean Pinder

Wake up right with the most powerful morning prayer as Pastor Sean talks about a popular question most Christians do not know the answer to. Is money evil? What does the Bible say about the love of money? Is it wrong for Christians to own their own business and walk in wealth, and prosperity?


Start your day right with this motivational video as Pastor Sean shares anointed worship, a short sermon, and an inspirational Christian devotion. And get wisdom and new revelation about God’s perspective on financial success in the most powerful morning prayer and daily podcast as Pastor Sean examines the lives of David, Solomon, and Job.


If you are experiencing hard times, struggling to make money and make ends meet, this morning prayer is for you. Have faith and take God at his word, and he will give you a miracle. He will give you supernatural favor and provide all your needs. He is your way maker, and he will do the impossible on your behalf.