This One Thing Can Ruin the Blessing

Sep 3, 2023    Pastor Sean Pinder

Wake up right with the most powerful morning prayer as Pastor Sean talks about a harmful sin that can hinder of the blessing of Abraham from manifesting in your life. God wants to bless you more than you could ever dream, but if you give into the temptation of particular sins, including the sin of adultery, which Pastor Sean addresses in this morning prayer podcast, you can ruin the blessing God intended for you. His favor will not go before you, and you will begin to experience a curse instead.

The sin of adultery is a deadly sin. Not only can it stop the blessing from manifesting in your life, but it can also endanger your soul and lead you to eternal condemnation. We all wrestle with the temptation of lust, but we have a decision to make. Are we going to let our flesh control us? Or are we going to depend on the Holy Spirit, and with the authority Jesus gave us, rise up in faith and resist the devil. We have power over temptation, and when we do what is right and conquer our sinful desires, God will reward us and bless us exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ask or think.

In this motivational video and inspirational morning prayer, Pastor Sean gives a wake up call, showing how the sin of adultery ruined the blessing God gave to Potiphar and his wife. Potiphar bought a Hebrew slave, Joseph, who God blessed greatly. Everything Joseph did prospered, and Potiphar could clearly see that God was with Joseph. But Potiphar’s wife began to lust after Joseph. When Joseph stood his ground and refused to commit the sin of adultery with her, she lied on him, and Potiphar threw Joseph in prison. But the blessing they once enjoyed that God gave to them through Joseph was gone.

Be encouraged to say no to evil with this sobering morning prayer, Bible devotion, and short sermon. Resist temptation. Sin may seem pleasurable for a while, but the final result is death. Do not waste your time trying to satisfy temporary fleshly pleasures. Understand the bigger picture, and be a person of conviction, a follower of Christ. Do what God would have you do, and watch him shower you with his favor. He has a plan for you, and if you continue to obey his word and go after him with everything inside you, he will continue to bless you and use you to be a blessing.