Laziness Hinders Prosperity

Aug 23, 2023    Pastor Sean Pinder

Most people will not tell you this, but there are several spiritual dangers of laziness that can hinder your financial breakthrough. Pay close attention to this motivational morning prayer as Pastor Sean shares a powerful short sermon on the benefits of hard work. Bless your morning as you start your day with this inspirational podcast, meditating on God’s word, worshipping in his presence, and learning wisdom from the Bible on how to experience success.

If you want to see the blessing of Abraham manifest in your life, you cannot be lazy. Laziness, in fact, is a sin. If you want God to bless you, you have to spend your time wisely. Learn how to work hard and make the blessing of Abraham manifest in your life with this daily Bible devotion and blessed morning prayer podcast.

Starting your day with morning prayer is one way you can use your time wisely. And when you put action to your faith by working hard, God’s favor will surround you. When you do what you can, God will do what you cannot. He will do the impossible and blow your mind with miracles of increase.